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Leaning into my Expertise: My First Podcast Interview

I had the amazing opportunity and privilege to sit down with the Jas and Jose from El Color Latino to discuss me, my practice, and emotional wellness. This was my first ever podcast interview (ok, the first time I have ever been on a podcast period) and I got to "practice what I preach" by taking challenging my self-doubt and leaning into believing in my own expertise. As a South Asian woman operating in spaces riddled with racism and mysogyny (Hello Wisconsin and Central Pennyslvania!), I naturally internalized the messages I was receiving. From people assuming that me not speaking up because I was Indian and/or ignorant about racism (actually I was just tired and not interested in the argument), to people questioning my skills and knowledge; I had a laundry list of negative thoughts running through my head on any given day. What I tell my clients and do myself, is that I mindfully challenge those thoughts to determine if they are realistic and logical. I then reframe and integrate a thought that is based in facts, such as "I have been in this field for almost 15 years (fact), I am an expert due my wide range of job experience (fact - I have had several jobs in the human services field) and ongoing efforts to learn (fact - I love trainings, books, and workshops.)"

You can try these steps out yourself on your own OR with the help of your therapist.

Thank you in advance for acknowledging my efforts to combat self-doubt by giving my interview a listen!

Check out Episode 8 (Part 1 and Part 2) on !

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