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Let's discuss what "cash pay" means...

"Cash pay" means that you (the client) pay me (the therapist) directly for all services provided. I am not in network with any insurance providers, so I cannot bill them directly. 

 Your insurance may reimburse you for the cost of my services, through your out of network benefits. If so and if you choose to go this route, I can provide you with a document called a "superbill" for all services provided. This document is needed by your insurance company to process reimbursements. I suggest that you talk to your insurance company to determine if this is possible for you.

I ask all therapy clients to have a credit card on file with me for automatic processing of session fees, no show fees, and late cancellation fees. You can add or change your card on file at any time through your Simple Practice Client Portal.

For Behavioral Coaching clients, I utilize QuickBooks invoicing for services provided. I may decline to schedule sessions or services with/for you if you have an unpaid balance with me. We can discuss resuming once all past due bills have been paid.

All other services may have variable modes of payment, which we will discuss during your consultation.

How I process payments

Why I don't accept insurance

I get this question a lot...

The decision to not accept insurance was a difficult one for me. I want my services to be accessible to those who want me as their provider and I quickly realized that many individuals do NOT want their insurance companies to know they receive mental health services, that their child does, or that they participate in family therapy. This is due to wanting to have the highest possible confidentiality. In addition, many of my young adult clients are still on their parents' insurance policies. Many people who see me for therapy come from cultural backgrounds that are not accepting or understanding of the benefits of mental health services. I provide my clients from those backgrounds with the ability to discretely attend and pay for sessions, without disrupting their family life. 


Lastly, my practice is one in which I actively challenge current oppressive trends in the mental health system. I am working to decolonize my practice, which means that I choose to not participate in insurance companies making money off of my clients and myself as a practitioner, for their own gain. The amount of money in fees and hours spent in applying for insurance panels, and then to bill for client sessions, can be staggering for the solo private practice therapist (me). I do not want to serve clients based upon dollars needed to pay these bills (that I consider to be unethical), but on whether me and a client "click" and work well together. 

For these reasons, I choose to give my clients the choice to engage with their insurance companies or not. I will fully support your wish to utilize your out of network benefits and will provide you with a superbill when requested.

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