The Jayavel Sounderpandian College Student (JSCS) Program


The Jayavel Sounderpandian College Student (JSCS) Program is a set of services provided to underprivileged college students (ages 17- 23 years) who meet any of the following criteria: are paying their own way through college, are paying the majority of their expenses, and/or are experiencing a high amount of medical bills. My goal is to ensure that everyone is able to have the information and tools needed to succeed.


Members of the JSCS program will submit an application to Statz Psychological Services for review and membership approval. Members will have the benefit of receiving reduced fees for therapy provided and/or access to virtual employment workshops (in development), both of which will be provided by Statz Psychological Services. I am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and have years of experience in working with individuals to obtain and maintain employment. My work with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation has made me an expert in the area of vocational counseling and employment services for individuals with disabilities; however, I find that many of these skills and tools that I have acquired have assisted others who do not identify as having a disability.


Who is Jayavel Sounderpandian? He's my dad! My dad grew up in a very poor and disadvantaged area of Southern India. He has told me stories about how he didn’t have shoes growing up, that he and his eight other family members lived in a house that had only one room, and that he always wanted to work hard to have a better life. In India, school is not always free to all. A benevolent, unknown community member heard about my father’s family.. a poor family with several very intelligent and hardworking children. This person gave money to my grandparents to help their children go to school and subsequently, my dad, my aunts, and my uncles became successful professionals. Before my father passed away in 2007, he and several other family members established a scholarship fund in their hometown. This scholarship fund assists financially underprivileged children to attend school


My father always told me that it was important to give back to the community and I intend to follow in his footsteps. I will always miss my dad and my hope is that his commitment to helping others will live on.